Creating a website might not seem as an easy task to those people who lack previous experience with such matters. Sites today are typically dynamic, with lots of options, so creating such content may look quite complicated. Luckily, you may have such a website with minimum efforts even when you have never set up one up to now since you can use web templates - pre-made Internet sites which you will be able to edit or expand based on your needs. If you want a feature-rich web site, for example, you may use templates for script-driven applications, while for something more simple you could use static themes. In any case, starting your online presence is going to be quite simple because you will not need any previous experience or skills to create an internet site.

Free Website Templates in Cloud Web Hosting

If you get a cloud web hosting plan through us, you will be able to use many website themes at no extra cost. We have a website builder with over 70 themes, each one with different styles and color schemes. The templates also include lots of pre-defined pages that will permit you to create your site effortlessly - with a few mouse clicks you can add a Contact Us or a Directions page for a company site, for example. If you want to use a script application for your Internet site, we'll also offer you access to lots of web templates for some of the scripts that we provide with the hosting plans, such as WordPress, Moodle and Mambo. You will not need to spend hundreds of dollars on web design or paid templates because we will provide you with everything you need to create a unique and exquisite site.

Free Website Templates in Semi-dedicated Hosting

With our semi-dedicated server packages you will be able to employ many complimentary themes for your Internet sites. You will pay only the plan’s monthly fee and you'll save tens, even 100's of dollars for website design services as we won't ever ask you for any additional fees to be able to access our templates. You will be able to use our online website builder, which comes with more than 70 web templates with different styles and color schemes, or you can use script-driven apps like Joomla, WordPress or Mambo and use hundreds of beautiful web templates for them, each one with a wide range of options that you can manage from the script back office. You will have a wide selection depending on which kind of site you'd like to create and how involved you'd like to be.